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RADIO ANTIDOTE - Aug 30, 2021


It will come as no surprise to people who know us that we love music and that we live for the way fashion and music connect. To this end we decided to launch RAD/O ANT/DOTE - a selection of curated playlists by our staff and by guest curators that we will be inviting down the line. We hope that you will find these enjoyable and maybe discover new music.

I wasn't quite sure what my first playlist should be, but since in a way a first anything is an introduction, I decided to concentrate on the genre I like the most - industrial, plus the many things that surround and precede it, from the early synth punk (yes, you read that right) of Suicide to post-punk and dark wave, and the various genres that roughly fall in the same orbit. The playlist is arranged in a rough chronological order, with the exception of two softer songs in the end. Thank you for listening.