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FEATURES - May 24, 2022

When we were putting together our fragrance counter, we took a different approach from our fashion offerings.

Words by Eugene Rabkin, ANT/-D/RECTOR

Here, our guiding principal was the industrial designer Dieter Rams' maxim, "Less but better." Rams, famous for his consumer electronic products, was adamant about simplifying and reducing without dumbing down. We took this to heart when editing certain product categories, including fragrances. Our thinking was that we are all inundated by the abundance of choice, which at some point goes from beneficial to disorienting and often leads to choice paralysis. Therefore, we decided to stick to 3-5 brands that are absolutely at the top of their game, and we guarantee you that within these brands you will find an amazing personal scent or one for your home. Instead of dying of an olfactory overdose, you will be treated to a calm, relaxed experience of picking a fragrance from Perfumer H, Cire Trudon, or Mad et Len. All three brands absolutely excel at what they do, from scent to packaging. Rest assured that you will walk out with something truly special. Below you will find a short description of all three brands. This fall, we will be adding another exciting brand to our small stable, which we cannot wait to reveal to you.


Founded by Lyn Harris, this London perfumery has become the darling of the fragrance cognoscenti. Harris is adamant about using only the best natural ingredients and mixing all the perfumes in-house. Its hand-blown glass bottles are works of art in their own right. The brand chooses its stockists very carefully, shying away from department stores and generic fragrance shops. We are the exclusive stockist for Perfumer H in Atlanta, and only the sixth shop in North America to carry the brand. You can find out more about Perfumer H here.



This French heritage brand was founded in the 17th Century and made candles for French aristocracy, including Napoleon. All of their candles are hand-poured in their factory in Normandy, France, and its glass and alabaster vessels make for beautiful objects. We also carry their tightly edited line of perfume.



This family-owned perfumer hails from Provence, the center of the French perfume industry. What sets Mad et Len apart from the rest are their unique perfumes and candles that don't shy away from using such unconventional scents as graphite and asphalt, and their black iron cases that are handmade by blacksmiths in Morocco. The entire enterprise takes the yin-yang philosophy of lightness and heaviness tied together. You need to experience these in person to believe how wonderful the results are.