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FEATURES - Nov 23, 2021

Words by Eugene Rabkin, ANT/-D/RECTOR

Mad et Len Apocalypstick Perfume

This unique scent was originally developed by Mad et Len, an artisanal French perfume house, exclusively in collaboration with Eugene Rabkin, our director, for his magazine, StyleZeitgeist. It became so successful that the company put it into general production, and it has since become a major hit. Mixing the unexpected scents of rose and asphalt, it takes the idea of contrasts to the max, resulting in a gorgeous floral perfume whose softness is delicately balanced by the asphalt notes. Also available as an Asphalte Rose candle. $165 for a 50ml bottle


Mad et Len Terre Noire Candle

Terre Noire has been a Mad et Len staple for years and for good reason. The notes of barky rich humus soil, ancient woods of petrified pines and rare aged oakwood result in a stunning and lush combination of scent that is both woody but soft. Mad et Len is a niche French perfume house for the true perfume cognoscenti. It takes an unconventional, artisanal approach to its candle-making. All candle vessels are hammered by hand by blacksmiths from iron and the company encourages you to not discard them but to keep them as an object of interior design. The wax is then hand-poured and mixed with essential oils, which results in a much higher scent concentration than most conventional scented candles, which are simply perfumed. $118 for a 350gram candle


Cire Trudon Odalisque Home Diffuser

Cire Trudon is a venerable French perfume and candle house that has been in business since 1643 and has made candles for the French nobility starting with Napoleon himself. They are known for their beautiful scents and for their hand-blown glass vessels, all made in France. Traditionally, the company is known for its candles, but their foray into home objects has been a hit with those who prefer a different way to scent their interiors. This Odalisque home diffuser is a scent that combines citrus and wood for an unforgettable olfactory experience. Each bottle lasts for three to four months and refills are available. $240 for a 350ml refillable bottle


Cire Trudon Ernesto Alabaster Collection Candle

Cire Trudon, a venerable French perfume house is known primarily for their hand-blown glass candles. But their Alabaster collection elevates the art of scented candle-making to new heights. As the name implies, all candle vessels in this collection are made from a single block of alabaster by highly skilled artisans. Each vessel is complete with an alabaster top. Upon burning, the company encourages you to keep the vessel as an interior design object. When it comes to scents, the Ernesto is an absolute staple of Cire Trudon, and its mix of leather and tobacco results in a stunning, best-selling scent. $260 for a 270g candle, also available in a traditional glass vessel for $110


Jil Sander Zip Pocket Belt Bag

This versatile leather cross-body bag from Jil Sander is both utilitarian and chic. It has a large main compartment, three front pockets, and a discreet logo that reflects the spirit of minimalist elegance that the brand is known for. $1000


JW Anderson Knot Bag

The British designer JW Anderson is known for his whimsical, fashion-forward designs, and this leather bag is no exception. Its unique knot-like shape, as the name implies, will make it a standout in any outfit. $630


Bao Bao by Issey Miyake Clam Wallet

Bao Bao is the brainchild of one of the most venerable Japanese fashion designers, Issey Miyake. This line of bags and wallets is built on a principle of modularity. This wallet constructed from a multitude of individual triangular pieces, with multiple card slots is a great example of how unconventional thinking can be applied to everyday objects. $350


1017 ALYX 9SM Signature Rollercoaster Strap Belt

The rollercoaster buckle has become the signature feature of 1017 ALYX 9SM, a brand by the American designer Matthew Williams. It makes for a particularly striking feature on this signature leather and fabric belt. Also available on an oversized backpack or a baseball hat. $420


Rick Owens DRKSHDW Milk Sneakers

The black and white version of this sneaker by Rick Owens has been popularized by hip-hop musicians across the globe. But we are enamored with this new "milk" version that takes the familiar shape to a new level. $965