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FEATURES - April 16, 2023

Words by Antidote

Recording Artist, Emcee, and Creative Director: Just John & DJ, Producer, and Model: Matrix Unni

"I am creating a blueprint for the dreamers," says Just John. A lifelong musician, artist, and cultural revolutionary, John's 2023 single "DND," his expanded catalog, and artistic efforts in and out of the music industry cater to the dreamers, misfits, nonconformists, and free thinkers in all of us. You can listen to his music at

Originally from Atlanta, MATRIXUNNI recently relocated back to Atlanta from Los Angeles, CA. She is a bi-racial artist [Korean and African American] who is fluent in Korean and incorporates her Korean culture in a lot of her artistry. In only a short span, she has built a small cult following with a promise to shift the sound of today’s music.MATRIXUNNI’s mixes are Drum n’ Bass focused, with a dark + minimal approach, paired with a seductive delivery. You can listen to her music at

Shirt, Sunglasses - Rick Owens / Pants - Zegna / Jewelry - Parts of 4
Dress, Sunglasses - Rick Owens / Scarf - Paco Rabanne / Jewelry - Werkstatt:München